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Coolest Barf Costume from Spaceballs

I decided that I wanted to make a costume this year instead of buying one as per usual. I started off this Homemade Barf Costume from Spaceballs with going to an military surplus store and purchasing a flight suit. I then got a custom patch made at my local mall (from one of those stands in the mall that make the hats. It took come convincing to get the guy to stitch “barf” on there, but it worked out). I got a wig from a local Halloween shop and had to do a bit of cutting. For some reason the only blonde wig they had was a mullet. I used an old stuffed animal dog (how appropriate) to make the accents on the rest of the costume.

The dog was brown and white and just slightly shaggy. I cut the ears off and placed cardboard in them to make them stand up and give the look that they belonged on the hair. I then super-glued them to the wig (by the way, do not do this while wearing the wig, I learned my lesson). I used old workout gloves to look like barfs from the movie and super glued parts of the stuffed animal on the openings to make it look like I had hairy hands. I did the same on my old converse to try and look like barfs shoes from the movie.

For the tail, I bought a monkey tail from a costume shop and covered it with the remaining stuffed animal. The tail curled a bit at the end, so I had to cut, sew, and then super glue the hair to it. I cut a hole in the back part of the flight suit to slip it through and a clip to hold it on. Lastly, I used brown and white face paint to paint my nose, eye and soul patch(grew it out and didn’t shave) to give myself the barf look. And viola! a custom made Barf costume. I loved it and so did everyone else.

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  1. Hi.

    Good job on your Barf costume.

    I’m also making a Barf costume for the London Film and Comic Con this October, but I’m having problems finding a wig.

    May I ask where you got your wig from? Has the store got a web site?

    I appreciate any help that you can give me on this.




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