I worked on both Halloween costume for about 6 months. I usually have an idea of what I want but somehow end up changing it as I go.

Ice Queen

Top: I used wood laminate lining, corset boning and led lights.

Skirt:  I used a regular white pencil skirt, tulle at the bottom and lace to go over the skirt. I also added fiber optic lights to light up the tool.

Cape: I craft wire, hot glue, fake snow, tulle, Led lights and magnifying sheets.

Hair: I used hot glue to attach the decoration to the wig.

Sleeves: I just bought wedding gloves and attached icicles ornaments with hot glue.

To be honest with you, I used hot glue on almost the whole costume.

Jack Frost

Staff: I used a broom stick, the stick from gift wrapping paper, paper Mache and LED light.

Hoodie: I bought the hoodie at Walmart. I just painted the icicles on the jacket and added lots of glitter.

Pants: I just painted the pants with white paint.

We were a hit for Halloween. Everybody loved our costumes and took pictures with us.