Coolest Homemade Dark Helmet Halloween Costume

Homemade Dark Helmet Halloween Costume

I made this homemade Dark Helmet Halloween costume over the course of a couple of weeks and wound up investing a lot more hours into making it than I ever imagined I would when I began. I started by shaping the helmet over a pumpkin using oaktag and wire mesh. I then applied around 4 … Read more

Coolest Spaceballs Group Costume

Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume

There were seven and a half of us who all got together to do a Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume. I was Asshole/Spaceball. I made the helmet from an outdoor lamp globe, a bike helmet, foam, a drimel, and spray paint. The suit was a painters suite, and the belt was from an old shirt. All … Read more

Cool Spaceballs Costumes

Spaceballs Costume

This Spaceball costume is a homemade costume put together after scouring thrift stores, shopping online, and crafting stuff ourselves. Dark Helmet’s Helmet (though it’s hard to see in pics) was made from a planter and hand-painted, Barf’s name tag actually has Barf embroidered on it, and Dot has a light-up LED”Virgin Alert” and is on … Read more

Coolest Spaceballs Costume

Spaceballs Dark Helmet & Colonel Sanders

DARK HELMET (AKA my mother!) Its a cat litter box! No joke. There were some really good ideas for Spaceballs costumes on this site, but we only had 1 day to do this one, it was a last minute idea. We tried to figure ways to make the mask move up and down, but everything … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Dark Helmet Costume

Homemade Spaceballs Dark Helmet Costume

I decided to try and make my own Homemade Spaceballs Dark Helmet Costume, and this is the result. The helmet was the hardest part. I started the helmet with a squirrel guard from a bird feeder, then built the sides and back out of aluminum flashing and rivets. The helmet was covered with fiberglass mat … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume

Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume

This year we decided to create a homemade Spaceballs group costume. I was Dot Matrix, my brother was Dark Helmet and my husband was Colonel Sanders. The costumes were all homemade from various products including dryer tubing, plastic planters, kids craft foam and of course duct tape! The Dark Helmet costume was started with a … Read more

Cool Spaceballs Costume

Coolest Spaceballs Costume

Just wanted to say your site inspired me. Found your collection of Lord Helmet costumes and thought “Totally awesome” and “I can do that” so here is my own Spaceballs Costume. Using nothing but a plastic colander, some coat hangers, newspaper, black spray paint and some glue I fashioned a giant Space balls Helmet to … Read more

Coolest Barf Costume from Spaceballs

Homemade Barf Costume from Spaceballs

I decided that I wanted to make a costume this year instead of buying one as per usual. I started off this Homemade Barf Costume from Spaceballs with going to an military surplus store and purchasing a flight suit. I then got a custom patch made at my local mall (from one of those stands … Read more

Coolest Spaceballs Costumes

Coolest Spaceballs Costumes 14

These Spaceballs Costumes were easy. Not to much work, just a bit of thrift store shopping, sewing, measuring and cutting and gluing. Dark Helmet started with the witches cauldron cut to fit around the face. A hockey helmet was glued to the top, which made it easier to wear. A Dracula cape, black sweats, black … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Halloween Costume

Homemade Spaceballs Halloween Costume

This Homemade Spaceballs Halloween Costume took a lot of time to make, especially Lord Dark Helmet’s. Lord Dark Helmet’s costume was made out of a witch’s coldren & black foam core that was scored and taped on the inside. The eyes were regular window screen to allow visibility. The clothes were pieced together from many … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes

Our idea for Spaceballs costumes started with watching the movie Spaceballs in July. I had to be lord helmet for Halloween. I started with quarter inch chicken wire as the base for the helmet, bent it into shape, made some cuts for the corners then proceeded to paper Mache the entire thing inside and out … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes

From the movie Space Balls the Star Wars parody, my boyfriend was “Dark Helmet” and I was a “Space Ball”. Our Spaceballs costumes were completely homemade including a painter’s jumpsuit, Styrofoam and cardboard helmets and cape made out of on old nightgown from a thrift store. We spent about a month preparing these costumes and … Read more