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Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume

This year we decided to create a homemade Spaceballs group costume. I was Dot Matrix, my brother was Dark Helmet and my husband was Colonel Sanders. The costumes were all homemade from various products including dryer tubing, plastic planters, kids craft foam and of course duct tape!

The Dark Helmet costume was started with a plastic planter and a candy bowl, then covered with paper mache and duct tape and painted. The Dot Matrix was the most involved. The arms consist of Dryer tubing and spray painted craft foam. The chest is comprised of football shoulder pads with kids construction helmets, cardboard cutout and glow sticks. We made the skirt from scratch with wire and duct tape and then spray painted the entire thing gold.

Colonel Sanders was cut out and glued fabric and buttons. We really enjoyed making these costumes and some parts were harder than others, but all in all it was a great concept. If you are a Spaceballs fan, you will love this homemade Spaceballs group costume.


Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume

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  1. Others may not appreciate the majesty that is Spaceballs, but then there are those that do, like myself. I really like the Lord Helmet safari version. Just glad to see that you went and made Spaceballs: The Halloweens Costumes.


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