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Coolest Spaceballs Group Costume

There were seven and a half of us who all got together to do a Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume. I was Asshole/Spaceball. I made the helmet from an outdoor lamp globe, a bike helmet, foam, a drimel, and spray paint. The suit was a painters suite, and the belt was from an old shirt. All materials were purchased at Menards.

Dark Helmet got his things from Wal-Mart. His helmet was a laundry basket cut to size, used a bike helmet and foam to stick it to the inside of the laundry basket. The cape was purchased at Good will. The shirt and “tights” were from Wal-Mart, and then some old black shoes.

Yogurt was made with fabric from the fabric store. She bought a yoda mask and painted it gold, and then bought a walking stick from Amazon.

Barf was made by purchasing a flight suit, face paint, a wig, and a cat costume kit.

Col Sanders was a spray painted rain coat, and then the details were sewed/glued on. The hat was purchased online from England, haha.

Dot Matrix used a TON of body paint, old boots spray painted with gold, a top from online, and the skirt was made with gold fabric from the fabric store.

And Lone Star was easy. Khakis from the closet, and the shirt and coat were purchased from Goodwill!

We didnt have a Princess Vespa, so I purchased a blow up doll from Spencers, haha, and got a dress from Goodwill for about $7 or so.

Best Halloween to date! Just used some time, creativity, and planning!!

Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume

Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume

Homemade Spaceballs Group Costume

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