Coolest Dark Helmet Costume

My husband and I are 80-90’s kids at heart, especially when it comes to movies.  We wanted to introduce our little one to our generation of movies, so last year we dressed him up as a lollipop kid , so this year we thought we would  go with Spaceballs.

We decided on this costumes because it was something we could do as a family, I will be Princess Vespa and my husband will be Barf.

It took a while to figure what materials we would be using for his costume, because we wanted something exaggerated for his helmet but did not want it to be too heavy, so we found a thin plastic laundry basket that we attached to a bicycle helmet.  The armor was a bit trickier but I finally decided on black poster board and a silver folder I found lying around.  Everything is held with Velcro so that it was easy to take off if he got to uncomfortable.  We also didn’t wanted him to get to hot so the black top is a dry fit shirt from a sporting store and for the bottom we used tights.  The shoes we found on sale in the girls section.  All in all this costume was not too difficult, the hardest part was trying to figure our which materials to use.

He loved it!!  Especially when we gave him the “light Saber” aka glow stick lol.  Everyone else loved it as well. We usually go to a local festival and he has won 1st Place 3 years in a row, but this year we were not able to make it, so we decided to share it with Pinterest.   Halloween is our favorite time, we grew up with homemade costumes and I wanted to pass the fun and creativity of having a unique costume to our son.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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