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15+ Coolest Homemade Pretty Woman Costumes for Halloween

“Pretty woman, walking down the street.” Who can ever extricate Julia Roberts from the role propelled her to stardom as Vivian, a courtesan with a heart? Lucky for you, you can revisit her in her moment of glory in this awesome collection of Pretty Woman costumes.

Hollywood costume designers have nothing on these terrific homemade costumes. Most of the costumes here involve the iconic white tank top and blue miniskirt outfit. One clever way to attach them together is with a shower ring. Another is with a circle binder clip.

Top it off with a blonde bob and you are good to go! For an additional accessory, you can take along a guy in a business suit.

Enjoy being a lady of the night. And don’t be surprised if many people want to take their picture with you. (One woman even had her boyfriend pushed aside!)