I first searched online for a good costume I could buy, but to my disappointment there were no good ones to be found. So, I decided to make my own – a Vivian from Pretty Woman costume!

I started with some trips to the thrift store and craft/fabric store. My friend told me about a great product that allows you to hem without sewing, called stitch-witchery. It is amazing! I didn’t have time to sew the costume, so I used it and it lasted throughout the night! You simply iron the two pieces of fabric together to form a bond!

To create the look I purchased a pair of boots via the internet (expensive, and I recommend finding a place that sells them in your local area for fit). I am 5’2″ and the actual boot was much too tall for my short legs, so I had to fold the boot in on itself to make them my height.

The fabric for the skirt I found at a fabric store, and boy was I lucky. I found the perfect fabric color! The shirt from a second hand store, and the wig online.

I bought some cheap gold hoops, some cheap lipstick, and the tights they sell for Hooter’s girls to keep myself from feeling too naked. (I don’t usually wear short skirts, so those thick leggings made me feel great especially since I wasn’t sure how well the costume would hold up!)

Also, for the metal rings to connect the pieces, I found some plastic ones at the fabric store and simply spray painted them silver. I had the bracelets and I found some cord to hang my key from, which she always wore around her neck.

Total Time: 3-4 hours to create

Total Cost: ~$100-$150 (boots were $80, so find used ones and your golden!)

Prize winning costume!! It was a great success and everyone knew who I was instantly. It got more attention than my boyfriend wanted, but I loved my own homemade Pretty Woman costume!