Cute Pretty Woman Costume

I’ve always loved Julia Roberts in her iconic role as Viv in Pretty Woman. When I found the red jacket and blue mini skirt on a clearance rack for just a few dollars each, I took it as a sign to make this Pretty Woman costume.

I’m not exactly crafty or a seamstress, so some liberties were taken along the way. I even used round, snap binder/paper clips for the center piece, then I did mess up a bit in the back, and I had to spent all month in the gym, lol, but I am pretty confident with the end result.

Best part of the night? Getting slightly stalked and seeing a guy push my boyfriend aside and shoving a tablet, of all things, into his hands, telling him to take a picture. Babe did stand speechless for a moment, but got over it and took the pic. Only one I’ve got was the one snapped while primping, so my apologies on the mirror smudges.

I didn’t stay out long, so expect me out it in again this year. Hope you like my Pretty Woman costume. Happy HallOwen!!!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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