Coolest DIY Pretty Woman Halloween Costume

I have been told I look like Julia Roberts since I was in grade school. Halloween is the perfect time to test this! I went to a huge warehouse in the South Loop of Chicago and bought some blue lycra material for the skirt. I then headed to Marshall’s for a tank top. With these two simple fabrics, I headed on a journey to become the perfect “Pretty Woman” in my DIY Pretty Woman Halloween Costume.

All the other pieces were a treasure hunt at goodwill stores around the area. Blonde bob cut wig, Black hat, red jacket, purse, and thigh high boots would be staple items. Gold earrings, leather necklaces and bracelets would be the “cherry on top.”

Now, with all these pieces lying on the couch, how was I going to take it to the next step? The soon to be Edward Louis (my boyfriend Steven) knew a lady in our building who could help. I met with her one sunny morning and we created the masterpiece! With a lot of cutting, pulling, and sewing, our final product was on I could truly be proud of!

I wore my outfit all Halloween weekend. I heard “Vivian! you made my night!” “This is perfect” “Dead On Julia Roberts!”

It was 2 nights of pure excitement and joy that I had finally constructed a terrific costume! I can no longer wear those rabbit, devil, or cat ears out for Halloween!

Homemade DIY Pretty Woman Halloween Costume

Homemade DIY Pretty Woman Halloween Costume

Homemade DIY Pretty Woman Halloween Costume

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  1. I would love to rent this from you! I will pay well and ship it right back to you…i am a busy mom of two small boys and don’t have time to hunt down pieces or sew anything. Willing? I am 5’5″ 130 lbs. thanks! Let me know!

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