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Sexy Woman’s Homemade Costume: Vivian from Pretty Woman

I bought a cheap tank top from Forever 21, some blue fabric and metal rings (which I’m pretty sure are actually meant to make purses) from the local Hobby Lobby and got to work came out to something around $15 total. I already had some black boots and a blonde wig (don’t ask) from previous Halloweens so the costume came together pretty easily. Had a friend help me cut and sew the pieces together. The hardest part was getting a not so stretch friendly material to fit as a miniskirt.

What you don’t see is that the skirt and shirt are separate pieces Velcrod onto the rings, making it much easier to put on and wear without fear of tearing some seams. It was cold Halloween night so I pulled off the look with my red peacoat jacket and set off into the night. I was recognized everywhere I went as that girl from Pretty Woman and asked to take pictures multiple times and had a blast!! So just remember you don’t have to spend all that money on a costume when making your own is just as fun. Definitely going to be a hard costume to beat this year.

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