Coolest Homemade Vivian and Kit Couple Halloween Costume

I have wanted to be Vivian from Pretty Woman for years now but I didn’t know how to sew. This year I bought a sewing machine and started ordering all the different parts of the costume. The jacket was purchased on EBay and the dress was modified to include the silver rings (bracelets) in the front and back. I also used fabric spray paint to tie-dye the skirt. My roommate also decided to join in and be Vivian’s roommate, Kit DeLuca.

My favorite part of this Homemade Vivian and Kit Couple Halloween Costume was all of the detailed pieces we added. My boot had a safety pin and I had dental floss on hand. The Kit costume was also complete with the envelope full of money that Vivian left for her at the desk. We also made necklaces with “Kit” and “Viv” just in case people didn’t get it at first.

We had so much fun acting out the different Vivian/Kit scenes from the movie, especially the scene where Vivian is approaching the car and Kit is cheering her on. These costumes made the night really fun!