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Coolest Ever Lilo and Stitch Rocket Costume for a Wheelchair

This is the second year that I made my daughter a wheelchair costume. I made her Lilo’s rocketship and she had her little stitch along with her for the ride. 

To make the spaceship I created the frame from pool noodles and gorilla tape. Then covered it and shaped it with upholstery foam. Third I sealed the entire thing with flex seal and reinforced the inside with spray foam. Once the whole thing was done I added the caps where the headlights would go and created those from cut up plastic and disc lights. The rockets on the side were made with foam rolled into a cylinder and filled with spray foam. While the spray foam was drying I put a piece of a pool noodle in and at the end attached a disc light as well. Finally I painted the whole thing with some spray paint and it was done.

We started the day in the hospital because she had been ill but they released us just in time to still enjoy some treats. We had a blast trick or treating and she was the talk of the day again. Everywhere we went people were loving it.

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