Coolest Ever Lilo and Stitch Rocket Costume for a Wheelchair

Lilo and Stitch Rocket

This is the second year that I made my daughter a wheelchair costume. I made her Lilo’s rocketship and she had her little stitch along with her for the ride.  To make the spaceship I created the frame from pool noodles and gorilla tape. Then covered it and shaped it with upholstery foam. Third I … Read more

Awesome DIY Vanellope von Schweetz Wheelchair Costume

vanellope von schweetz wheelchair costume

My 3 year old daughter, Abby, is wearing this Vanellope von Schweetz wheelchair costume. Abby uses a wheelchair/adaptive stroller to get around. And it tends to attract not so great attention to us both on a daily basis. Abby was born very prematurely, I was only 23 weeks pregnant. She’s had 27 surgeries 21 of … Read more