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Coolest Homemade Lilo and Stitch Costumes

Check out the Hawaiian beauty and her blue alien friend as they come alive in these cool homemade costumes. Movie and television characters always make for a fun clothing ensemble. Embody your favorite persona this Halloween and enjoy this collection of the coolest Lilo and Stitch costumes.

Creating Lilo is as easy as finding a red dress and fastening on some white flowers. Add a long-haired black wig and you are set! However, Stitch can be more complicated. Be bold like a woman here and dye your dog blue! You must see these pictures to believe it.

In addition, this is an excellent couple costume idea. Especially when your partner doesn’t mind dressing up as an extraterrestrial creature. The cutest couple have their DIY costumes on display here.

So learn how to craft your best homemade costume. Get fantastic inspiration and then share your creation with us here!