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Lilo Costume for Office Halloween Party

Our office Halloween party this year had a theme (again! I don’t like to be limited) any Disney Character. Perfect! I already had my mind on being Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. I asked my teenage son to be Stitch- of course he said “NO WAY!” So I had to get creative. I called up a pinata company to see if they could make a Stitch pinata, of course, they have made that before. As for my costume… I got the long black wig right away as soon as the Halloween stuff was out on the shelves. Searched my house for red material–no luck.  I had to buy a few yards of red fabric, a fusible web and a little white fabric. I am a horrible procrastinator–so I ended up cutting out my dress the night before the party (no pattern, just straight lines) cutting out big white leaves, and ironing them on. Just added my wig and a nice flower behind my ear, no shoes!!! Yeah! and I was on my way to the party. My sidekick turned out great, and he actually survived the night without getting the guts beat out of him. At the party I saw a Minnie Mouse, Candy Crush and a Beautiful Princess—but Lilo and Stitch were the best ones there! We won first place!!!

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