Lilo and Stitch Homemade Costume

Every year I like to include my dog in my Halloween costumes (one year she was an Indian, another a pumpkin, and last year she was cotton candy).

Well this year I just didn’t have enough time to make her a costume and didn’t want to spend $15+ on buying one. So I decided to be Lilo and Stitch for Halloween Day. Keep in mind that I decided this back in July so I let my dog’s hair grow out super long and get tangled so she could have the crazy stitch hair.

I first dyed her with kool-aid but she has so much hair that it didn’t take very well and she once again looked like cotton candy. So I got some pet safe blue hair dye and dyed her with that. As far as my costume went, I had an old huge red mu-mu I found at a thrift shop that I was going to recreate into something much much more form fitting and sleek, but decided to use it for my costume instead (I still took in about a foot of it!) With white felt I had I made the white flowers and sewed them onto my dress. Then I put several layers of tanning lotion on to get that beautiful bronzed color Hawaiians are and I covered my blue eyes with brown contacts. The reaction I got was priceless. People didn’t really care about my costume, BUT having a blue dog was unbelievable to them!

I got to bring Roxy (my dog) to work with me and to school and everyone LOVED it! They wanted to hold her, pet her, take pictures – even my professor! (Keep in mind I am in college!) Roxy at first hated her blue hair when I was dying it, but soon after it was complete and all the attention she was getting she LOVED it! Where I live there is an indoor “beach resort” and it was the perfect place to complete my costume with us riding a wave.

My only problem now is trying to top it next year, but don’t worry I already have a few ideas up my sleeve….. :)

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