Coolest Homemade Stitch Costume

I hand make every one of my children’s Halloween costume and try to avoid Disney or typical but my daughter really wanted this one. The headpiece is made from craft foam in different shades of blue, white and black. I looked at images of Stitch and worked with the basic colors and shapes. I glued them on in layers on an almost football shaped head. I cut out a half circle to fit around my daughter’s face and used a strip of the foam to make a chin strap. It was very sturdy more so than I expected.

You may need some heavy duty staples for the ears and to put the front and back together hide with some foam or paint. The body was the easiest, just bought a light blue sweat suit I embellished with some felt cut outs and the feet are monster slippers we found when buying the sweat suit. Otherwise sneakers will be fine, just lay felt feet over the top.

Not many even guessed that this was a homemade costume and made all in one day too!

Total Spent: $50

Homemade Childrens Halloween Costume

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