Homemade Candy Crush Costume

This homemade Candy Crush costume is my first DIY costume for Halloween 2013 – Candy Crush Saga! There is a warm satisfaction in DIY-ing your own Halloween costume. The last thing we should be doing is digging through racks of packaged polyester princess dirndls at Halloween Town USA – it’s an insult to our creativity!

I used a dancer’s body stocking as my base for the ensemble. I didn’t realize how see-through the stocking would be. So I had to wear a camisole and pair of leggings underneath, lest I look like Howard Stern with his cutout butt cheeks at the 1992 VMAs. Que lastima!

Watch the video tutorial on how to recreate this look down below if the spirit moves you. And if you can’t sew- it doesn’t matter, pancake batter! You can always substitute hot glue for some sick needlework… or to make it relevant for Fall 2013, “needle-twerk“.


Homemade Candy Crush Costume

Homemade Candy Crush Costume

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