Sexy Candy Crush Costume

I play Candy Crush every day so I decided to make my own sexy Candy Crush.

I took some old shirts of all colors that I didn’t use any more and a box of cereals, some plastic wrap, a needle, thread, glue gun, and a bathing suit I drew all shapes of candies and traced them on old shirts, cut them, then I sewed them, stuffed them with stuffing and sewed them again to seal it. After I took plastic wrap and saran wrapped each candy and tied them in the back of each candy. I used some old ribbons from a wedding left overs for stripes candy and some clear candy bags to make the jelly candies.

After I had them all sewed and sealed I sewed the candies to my bottom bathing suit to make sure that they don’t fall off. For my top I bought some Jolly Ranchers fishies mints and skittles. I glued them to my top and added 2 hand made candy chocolate candy and glued skittles to make my chocolate. For my head gear I bought a Halloween fiber optic head attachment and which I bought on sale for 3 bucks.

I printed out a picture of Candy Crush. I added on the wording “wanna play Candy Crush and glued it into the head gear and added some silver glitter on the edges of the word to make look more sparkling. I used some red fish stocking that I had in my drawers and a pair of stiletto red shoes and bang, my costume was a great hit!

I went to NYC Halloween Parade and it was Paparazzi all over. Every one loved my costume. It took me 4 days to make  it due to I had to do it by hand. Thank you, I also bought some candy necklace and ring pop..and made my candy earrings.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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