Coolest Ever Homemade Groot and Rocket Costume

Groot and Rocket Costume- my greatest creation to date

I love creating Halloween costumes and this year I went for my biggest challenge yet. I created a nearly 7 foot tall Groot and Rocket costume that I wore all day at work as a nurse educator.  I used project foam, kids foam mats, fur, paint and a ton of glue to create it.  I … Read more

Creepy Dead Riding Hood and Wolf Illusion Costume

Dead Riding Hood

I got to wear my costume twice (once to work and once to a parade) therefore I have two different dresses on. My wolf started out as a mask and wolf gloves. I painted fake blood on both and added “muscles” and grandmas eyeball inside his mask. Wolfie’s mask was put on a styrofoam head … Read more

Coolest Homemade Thing 1 Costume and Thing 2 Illusion

Homemade Thing 1 Costume and Thing 2

This homemade Thing 1 costume and Thing 2 illusion wasn’t a Halloween costume. We made this costume for Dr. Seuss Day but it came out so great I wanted to share it. I suggested Thing 1 and Thing 2 thinking I could make red costumes for my daughter and her little friend. She said No … Read more

Torn Gut Hanging Zombie Illusion Costume

Torn Gut Hanging Zombie Illusion Costume

This zombie costume was originally created for a zombie walk in the town I live in, Fayetteville, NC. The idea came a year ago when I was trying to think of clever zombie ideas. I wanted to create a zombie like no other that has been seen. Since I am a magician I started thinking of … Read more

Awesome DIY Optical Illusion Ellen Degeneres Costume

ellen degeneres costume

I made this Ellen Degeneres costume for My husband and my 10th annual Halloween party. Our parties are so much fun because our friends do an amazing job with costumes. We pick a different theme every year- Vegas, SNL, Atlanta (where we live), Sci-fi/B-movies, etc. This year our theme was Politically Incorrect- seemed appropriate with … Read more

Walpurga the Witch with Her Charming Cat Merlin Illusion Costume

Walpurga the Witch with Her Charming Cat Merlin Illusion Costume

Since in Germany, where I live, Halloween is not so popular as in other countries, I made this costume for carnival, when many people in Germany wear costumes. The idea for this costume came into my mind one night while falling asleep. Such an idea, when you are nearly gone into dreamworld but then you … Read more

Bingo Momma’s Babies Illusion Costume

Bingo Momma's Babies Illusion Costume

I came up with the idea a few years ago. When I first created the costume, the baby on my back simply just hung there crying & whining for her Momma not to go to bingo, but stay at home with the kids. My cousin gave me the idea to attach string to the baby’s … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Optical Illusion Costume

Homemade Baby Optical Illusion Costume

This homemade baby optical illusion costume was a hit! This is an incredible optical illusion that will keep people staring at you for hours at a party trying to figure this out. It is a lot of fun. I promise you will get so many laughs. The key to making the optical illusion REALLY work … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mother and Baby Optical Illusion Costume

Homemade Mother and Baby Optical Illusion Costume

I got a lot of compliments on this Mother and Baby Optical Illusion Costume, and double-takes, with this costume. I bought a dress from a thrift store and cut a hole in the back for my torso. The rest of the dress was stuffed with newspaper and a curtain rod supported the head and shoulders … Read more

Coolest Optical Illusion Halloween Costume

Optical Illusion Halloween Costume

We were dressed and ready for bed but sitting in our living room watching a little nighttime TV when all of a sudden our front door gets kicked in and a crazy looking little man comes running in. I freak out and my daughter “Gracie” jumps on this guys back and won’t let go. He … Read more