Creepy Dead Riding Hood and Wolf Illusion Costume

I got to wear my costume twice (once to work and once to a parade) therefore I have two different dresses on. My wolf started out as a mask and wolf gloves. I painted fake blood on both and added “muscles” and grandmas eyeball inside his mask.

Wolfie’s mask was put on a styrofoam head and glued, taped and pinned onto PVC pipe. His arms were made out of hose and plastic grocery bags. I used a motor inside the glove to make his arm move to look real. I basically shoved him into a backpack that matched my clothing (to blend in) and hid it with the nightgown. His tail was made from wire and a cut up pool noodle to bounce and appear to move.

The best comments I received were:

  • There’s nothing sexy about that! (I wasn’t going for sexy.)
  • At least 20 times I was told there’s something on your shoulder.
  • One lady kept better by him calling him kitty.
  • I was told by some that they thought he was a real person.
  • After being told how creepy I was I was happy to hear how cute my wolf was.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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