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Coolest Homemade Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I decided to make a Homemade Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf Couple Costume for Halloween. I came up with this idea and I always hated the idea of spending $75.00 on a costume in a bag.

For my costume:
I found a super cool red, long, hooded, velvet cape at Walmart and my imagination was sparked from there!! I went to Love Stuff to see what kinds of things I could fine to make my “sexy” riding hood. I found a short pleated mini in black and red plaid to wear. I already had garder belts and black lace skirt that the garders attached to from Victorias Secret. My skirt was so short that I wore the black lace skirt underneath, (you could only really see this from the back, but it made for a CUTE peek-a-boo!) I also found red thigh high stockings with cute red bows at the top from Love Stuff. I wore my clear prom heels on top of the stockings. For my top I took a white button up that I had, cut off the sleeves and cut the button holes big enough to lace ribbon through. I went to a fabric store and bought red ribbon which I laced through the button holes and tied the shirt up at my belly. I bought fake nails and painted them red. I used excess ribbons to tie my braids off at the ends. I also bought red hair spray paint from Walmart and sprayed the tips of my hair red :) I made curly cues with the curling iron to give me that innocent look ;) Also bought from Walmart red lipstick, fake glitter lashes with red tips, red hoop earrings, a red lined picnic basket that I filled with fake fruit!
This costume was my best yet and a huge hit!!

For my boyfriend’s costume:
I started with an old pair of jeans he had with holes all in them, and an old orangy red plaid button up. I went to the fabric store and asked if they had any wolf fur like material. They had the perfect black and brown fake fur! I cut small pieces of the fur and sowed these pieces onto the inside of the holes in the jeans so that it looked like he had furry legs! :) I then cut pieces big enough to cover the tops of his hands with finger holes to make it look like he had furry hands. I made a tail out of the fur also and just pinned it to the back of his jeans.For his chest hair I used the left over fabric I had. I cut the actual hair off of the fabric and used glue to glue it all over his chest and left his shirt unbuttoned. Before I glued the hair I used brown face paint that I got at Walmart to make his chest look super tannish brown. For the mask, we got it at Spirit Halloween store. It was a glue on mask that came in 4 or 5 pieces to make it look more real! We glued it on his face and used the brown face paint to blend in the edges.I also painted his neck brown to help blend. I lined his eyes with black eyeliner and made it super smudgy. We bought the ears separate at the Halloween store which also just glued on with the glue we bought at the same store. is hair I made super spiky and sprayed it down with hairspray while it was still wet. Then I used white hair spray paint I got at Walmart to make his hair a greyish white! To finish it off I bought fake fingernails at Walmart that I filed into points and painted black. This gave the illusion of claws.

We were the talk of the town everywhere we went!! This costume was not hard at all to make and super fun to make and wear! Total cost was around $90.00 and it took me a few hours to put together after purchasing everything.

 Little Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Couple Costume

 Little Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Couple Costume

 Little Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Couple Costume

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf Couple Costume”

  1. Your costume is so adorable. It looks way better than the cheaply made Little Red Riding Hood Costume that I purchased. Well done. You are a very beautiful young lady too. I hope you guys had a fun and same Halloween.

  2. Hi there I’m doing research on making a big bad Wolf costume I unfortunately did buy mine in a bag from Halloween shop it fits like a glove which is the only reason why am keeping it I am in between sizes and it’s been tough finding a sexy mini in my size
    However, My best friend & I are using your idea for the wolf! Just wanted to say thank you so much very creative and years after the posting people are still looking at it thank you again have a happy Halloween this year and more creative ideas to come with them for us viewers!! Thanks again -Jen


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