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25+ Coolest Homemade Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Encountering her grisly end with the Big Bad Wolf might deter some people from dressing as Little Red Riding Hood. But not this bunch! This awesome collection of Little Red Riding Hood costumes range from sweet to sexy. Kids and adults alike love dressing up as this popular character.

Not only is Little Red instantly recognizable, she’s also an easy DIY costume. Thus making it a fantastic idea if you are short on time.

You will find great inspiration for all kinds of homemade costumes here. One idea is a sexy version of Red. Another idea is  a zombie version of Little Dead Riding Hood. Still another hilariously original idea is Little Red accompanied by her dog as the grandmother.

So check out these awesome homemade Little Red Riding Hood costumes. You will bee inspired to create a costume of your own this Halloween!

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