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170+ Cool Homemade Fairytale, Folklore and Biblical Costumes

Enter the world of make believe in this epic collection of fairytale, folklore and biblical costumes. These DIY costume ideas are other worldly, romantic and extremely popular.

It’s not hard to enter this fantasy world. There are biblical costumes such as Adam and Eve which don’t require more than a fig leaf or two.

Explore fairy tales as never before with some creative takes on your favorite stories. Check out the cool Jack and Beanstalk costumes and the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Also, Humpty Dumpty perches on many interesting and original walls before he takes a tumble.

In addition, you will find stunning frosty snow queens. Also, you can catch the gold at the end of the rainbow with the cool Leprechaun costumes in all shades of green.

Encounter imposing Big Foot costume ideas. Stand up for justice with some swashbuckling Robin Hood costumes.  Indeed this collection of fairytale, folklore and biblical costumes has something to entice everyone.

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