The Old Woman who lived in a shoe costume was super fun to make!  I wanted it to be on a stroller so it would be easy to get my little one around.  I started with a stroller, then bungeed a seat to the top. Used PVC pipe, chicken wire, and a ton of zip ties to create the heal part of the boot.

Then bungeed a yoga ball to the front to create the toe part of the boot. Covered it all with some padding, and brown sheets. Added some ribbon laces, many baby dolls, and of course a red door!  She stole the show!! My 2 year old was the “old lady” She had on a bonnet and grey wig! I was amazed by the reaction of so many wonderful people. Surprisingly, not to many youngsters knew what she was! Old nursery rhymes are a lost art I suppose. Regardless, I was very pleased with the results.   Everyone LOVED it!  Thank you for liking my photos!