Pot o’ Gold Pregnant Halloween Costume

We love Halloween, but thought the pumpkin belly and pregnant skeleton costumes were played out. What else is round?? A pot of gold of course!

the leprechaun was all thrift store finds, luckily my husband has a small waist and can fit into large ladies pants no problem. Lol. (Can you believe someone actually wore those as real pants once?!)

pot o’ gold was a little more work. Gold leotard, stretched to the gills, and then plastic “gold” poker chips hot glued to a cross stitch webby thing. Once I had it big enough I hand stitched each corner to the leotard, with enough give to the belly. added black maternity pants, a black hiked-up turtleneck (ny is COLD in october) and a rainbow knee sock over the shoulder and we were good to go!

it took people a minute to “get it” but lots of compliments once they did!

Pot o' Gold Pregnant Halloween Costume

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