I love Halloween and I always get dressed up for the occasion… this time it was’t the exception. And I was trying to make a costume according to my type of body… PREGNANT! So I came up with this idea of a crystal ball belly, I think it came up pretty cool.

I went to the makeup store and bought a blue greenish powder eye shadow for my belly-crystal ball. The skirt and head band I made myself too, just with a long black fabric wrapped around me. My make up was just an inspiration, or just did a LOT of more make up than usual. Borrowed a lot of jewelry from my grandma. The hair is natural… not, its gonna sound awful but I cut one of my very old doll’s hair, just had to.  And the blouse is just a black tank top in my closet. In the end I just sprayed hairspray on my belly so the eye shadow didn’t come off.

The reactions!  Everyone thought it was plastic, others just stared at me. And most of the people rubbed my belly and asked for their future (good that I had hairspray on it! if not it wouldn’t resist the rubbing).

I hope you like my costume, and I hope a lot of pregnant ladies dress up like this for Halloween!