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Homemade 1950’s Pregnant Housewife and Milkman Costume

To be pregnant is great, but to be pregnant during the Halloween season is even better!!! I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity and use my pregnant body to my advantage in my Halloween costume! It was especially important to me, because I knew this was going to be the final and last time I would ever be pregnant again, as my husband and i had decided that this one, our third child, was going to be our last child! So with much researching, and Googling of “pregnant Halloween costume ideas,” I came across this suggestion in a forum. As soon as I read it, I knew this would be the costume! Not only did this costume idea allow for me to highlight my wonderful pregnancy, but it also allowed me to team up with my husband, who after 11 years of marriage, and 3 children together, I still love and adore!

The next step was that I researched online images of 1950’s housewives for historical accuracy and inspiration! Then off to my local Goodwill store I went! I was able to pick up my flowered and feminine shirt, white skirt, fake pearls, and white high heals for under $10! I was also lucky to find my husband a white hat that I knew I could transform into the milkman’s hat! I did also purchase from Walmart my white pantyhose, hair products and makeup, apron, and feather duster. I went to my husband’s closet where he already had his black dress shoes, black belt, white pants (which were scrubs from his nursing job), white short sleeved button up dress shirt, and black bow tie. I purchased iron on letters and ironed on “Milkman” on his shirt so everyone would know for certain what his costume was. I cut out black felt pieces with adhesive backing and stuck them on his hat to create dairy cow spots. Lastly, and my most favorite part of his costume was I put bright red lipstick on and kissed all over the collar and upper part of his milkman shirt, leaving luscious lipstick marks from the naughty housewife!

My costume came together very easily. I did take my plain apron and sewed a lace border around the whole edge, and I hand appliqued fabric hearts to the front of the apron to give it a feminine touch! For my hair and makeup, I was decked out to a T! Bumped up hair, with a scarf, makeup and lipstick to echo that of the mid 20th century housewife! And the best part of my costume, my little baby boy Brody, in my belly at 7 months of pregnancy, really stood out under my apron!

We were just too cute if I do say so myself! Off we went to our local costume parade and costume contest where we entered into the ages “13 and up” category. We received many looks, stares, smiles, gawks, and even hugs, high fives and of course laughs! Everyone loved our idea, and we even had strangers ask us to stop so they could take our picture! We ended up coming in second place in our category, which the first place winners were my sister-in-law and her husband! But my mother-in-law told me we should have gotten first place and the judges didn’t give it to us because my two children had just won 1st place in their age categories! So it was all good!

This costume is so special to me because it was fun, it allowed my husband and me to team up together and show our children how husbands and wives can have fun at Halloween, and you don’t just have to be a child to dress up, you can also be a happily married couple with a baby on the way!

Homemade 1950's Pregnant Housewife and Milkman Costume

Homemade 1950's Pregnant Housewife and Milkman Costume

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