Easy Couple’s Costume: The Milkman and Pregnant Housewife

My husband and I thought long and hard about what we were going to dress up as for Halloween. We wanted to do something that we had never seen before.  Something original and homemade.  Hence, the birth of the Milkman and Pregnant Housewife!

Milkman Costume:  My husband works at a Collision Center, so he talked their uniform guy into scoring him some all white pants.  Next he bought a plain white shirt at Walmart, and ordered the bow tie and hat from an online Halloween store for a whole $12.00.  For the milk, we spray painted a carry-out drink container, then bought four of those gas station milk cartons, drank the milk, and then stuck the empty plastic bottles in the freshly painted carrier!

Total: $22.00

Pregnant Housewife:  I rented my dress from a costume shop that we have in our hometown.  I did some searching at Goodwill, but I just couldn’t find the perfect dress.  The dress rental was a little pricey because we rented it from a theatrical costume shop, not a Halloween costume shop.  I believe the cost was about $40.  Then I just borrowed a pregnant belly from a friend who had used it the year before.  I wore some modest black heels, and wallah!  The costume was complete!

Total: $40.00

People loved this costume!  We had so many people come up and get pictures taken with us.  The only problem with the costume was that if we weren’t standing right next to each other, no one had any clue what we were!  Oh, and a lot of people thought I was really pregnant and were giving me some really dirty looks when I would take a swig of my beer!

All in all, we loved the costume and I hope you do too!

Easy Couple's Costume: The Milkman and Pregnant Housewife

Easy Couple's Costume: The Milkman and Pregnant Housewife