Halloween was approaching, I was pregnant with my 3rd child and I wanted to dress up like I have the years before with my other 2 children; plus there was a costume contest at my work, so I just had to dress up. I did some research online looking for costumes that would just fit me being 6 months pregnant, but I just so happen to come across this cute pregnant skeleton costume, only thing was Icouldn’t just buy it I had to actually make it.

So I went and bought a black long sleeve shirt, black sweat pants and a white fabric paint pen (found in the crafts dept. at Wal-Mart). I sketched out skeleton ribs and a baby (for my belly) on paper at first to get an idea of what I needed to draw on my shirt, then I did free handed sketch on the shirt with the fabric pen. I sketched it lighter so that any mistakes wouldn’t be really noticeable. Once I had it drawn out the way I wanted it,  I just went back over the lines with the fabric pen to make the lines brighter to stand out.

I ended up not doing the legs of the skeleton because with 2 others running around I ran out of time. But the shirt turned out great and I did win the contest at work. I loved making the shirt because it just fit me perfectly being pregnant and I have never seen anything so unique such as this costume before, because not only was it just a skeleton but a pregnant skeleton.