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Cool Homemade Pregnant Skeleton Costume

This year Being pregnant I want to something that not everyone does when pregnant and I still want to stay in the spooky/scary spirit of Halloween. So I decided to make a Pregnant Skeleton Costume but with a baby skeleton in the abdominal area.

I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money so I searched around and I found black maternity pants and a black maternity shirt at a garage sale for twenty five cents each. I bought white fabric paint at the craft store for four dollars(two bottles) I already had paint brushes. I started painting (I used real skeleton picture examples from internet) the legs then I moved on to the adult skeleton leaving room for the baby skeleton. I also found some black gloves at the dollar store ($1) which I painted bones on and I am wearing a black hat I already own.

I am using acrylic paint for my face both black and white. And I am wearing black shoes I already own (I didn’t paint those)ץ

Total cost for this costume was less than five dollarsץ

Homemade Pregnant Skeleton Costume

Homemade Pregnant Skeleton Costume

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