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Coolest Pregnant Skeleton Costume

This Homemade Pregnant Skeleton Costume was easy to wear specially during your last months of pregnancy.

You will need a stretch material black long sleeve mock neck top and long leggings, black gloves, White Fabric Paint, paper to draw patterns and a brush (if not use spray paint).

-First make sure all items are form fitted.
-Mark with fabric chalk where baby is and all the joints such as elbows, knee, and also ribs.
-Using paper cut out all shapes of ribs and all bones as template.
-Paint and let dry for at least 1 day. (place a paper under paint to protect back of stains)
-If you are having a baby girl just draw a pink bow in the baby skeleton, you can also add a red heart if you want.
-Paint your face white leaving empty eye sockets, nose and under cheekbone. Finish using black makeup to complete empty areas.
-For full outfit, you can also get black socks and paint feet bones.

Homemade Pregnant Skeleton Costume

Homemade Pregnant Skeleton Costume

Homemade Pregnant Skeleton Costume

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