This scary pregnant Zombie Halloween costume was my costume last year, me and my boyfriend LOVE zombies! I wanted to do a zombie with the baby coming out of the belly. I didn’t want to do the other ones I saw online, where they have just a bit of a normal looking baby showing, I wanted an EVIL zombie baby, makes sense right? In a zombie apocalipse, mom dies baby dies. Mom turns, baby turns and claws out of the mom!

So at first I just worked on the outfit. I bought old clothes and ripped them up. Me and my boyfriend went to a Halloween store in town and bought liquid latex, make up and white contacts. I could NOT find a baby for the longest time. One day, my boyfriend came back from a thrift store here in town with a two headed baby doll, one side was normal, one side was evil with little teeth and red eyes. It was PERFECT!

I cut the normal head off and the legs and one arm, let one arm kinda reach out, took out all the stuffing, cut holes on the side and tied an elastic to it. I cut a hole in my shirt where the baby comes out. The day of, I did my boyfriend’s make up and mine. I took white to our faces and blacked out our eyes. I had liquid latex to make gouges cuts and a slit on my throat. We bought a jug of fake blood, and all I did was stand in the tub and pour it all over. I rubbed a lot of blood on the baby to make it look like it was coming out of my stomach. T

he reactions were INSANE. I won a surround sound! Everyone I walked by went WOW to my makeup, then they would look down. I have MANY pictures taken that night by people I do not know, and people STILL talk about it to this day!