From the moment I knew that I would have a good sized belly during Halloween I told my husband, I want it to be a part of our costume. I didn’t want to do the typical pumpkin belly, or bun in the oven belly, so I kept looking. Somewhere I saw an earth and then got an idea…we could be Mother Earth and Father Time, painting my belly as the earth.

Friday came and we had a party to go to. It was an earlier party starting somewhere around 7. Well we had to drive back to our hometown from where we currently live after work. We get to town and my husband gets to work being an artist. He used a black Halloween makeup crayon to draw the outline of the earth and continents (just doing it from memory, not looking at a picture), then he used Halloween makeup paint to fill everything in. After 1.5 hours he finally finished. It was well worth all of the time and hard work because the earth looked AWESOME!! There were a few earthquakes along the way with our little boy kicking at the tickle of the paint brush.

Now my husband throws his costume together and we’re off to the party. We arrive around 10-11 (not expecting it to take 1.5 hours to paint the belly). Well…..the party was over!! They had little kids that the grandparents brought back home, so it ended. I was beyond BUMMED!! We hung out for a little while with our friends that live there and just one or two others that were left over. All that hard work, and I didn’t even get to show it off. They thought it was amazing though.

Well Saturday comes around and we had another bigger party to attend. It was my mom’s party and she always has a HUGE one, usually with a live band etc. Well I wouldn’t tell anyone what we were going to be, I just kept saying it is a surprise. Now it’s time for us to start the whole process over. This time I think it took about 1 hour. We knew what we were doing, how to shape my dress around the belly, and paint the earth a little better. We came out of the room and every one’s mouth dropped open. They were in shock of the detail and how unbelievably awesome we looked. My husband did another amazing job. I have to give him the credit.

The party was great and people (some who I didn’t even know) kept coming up and telling me how incredibly awesome I looked and wanted to take a picture with me. It was a great night and party. I wish that we could have gone party hopping so we could have had a chance to enter some costume contests and tried to win. But that isn’t really what a pregnant lady wants to be doing. So now here is my chance, I hope you guys enjoy our costume as much as we did!!