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15+ Coolest DIY Mother Nature Costumes

Since Mother Nature and Father Time are quite abstract figures, you can pretty much take these costume ideas and fly with your creativity and inspiration. Obviously, your personal connection with nature will serve as the guideline in creating your Mother nature costumes.

Some of you may find inspiration as you hike through the woods. Maybe pick up a few branches, leaves or flowers. In fact, anything you find can be incorporated into a special Mother Nature costume.

Others may connect more with the "motherhood" aspect of being Mother Nature. For instance, if you are pregnant and have a good-sized belly during Halloween, you can turn it into the earth with blue and green body paint.

If you are planning to do a couple costume, Father Time is also a great costume idea. He is the perfect escort for Mother Nature.

Enjoy connecting with nature and casting life into this cool costume concept. Don’t forget to share with us your creation!