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Easy Homemade Mother Nature Costume for Women

I had been wanting to dress up as Mother Nature for quite some time but was thinking of doing it in the style of the old “if you think it’s butter… it’s Chiffon” commercial.  I couldn’t find the right white flowy gown so this is what I ended up with instead.  T

he wreath was made from a grapevine that was growing in the back of our yard embellished with some flowers I had lying around for craft purposes.  I also added some pine cones & feathers found in the yard to give it that more “natural” feel.  I found the really pretty fabric at the fabric store.  I think I bought a couple of yards of it ($10 worth?).  I don’t like sewing so I just folded it in half & pinned it on both sides of my shoulders so I had openings for my head & arms.  I fastened a store-bought vine I also had lying around the house to one side of my shoulder to cover the pinned area & let it wrap around my neck to the other side & let it hang down.  The pet rat was part of my outdoor decorations & I grabbed & placed it on my shoulder as we were heading out the door!


Easy Homemade Mother Nature Costume for Women

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