Halloween 2008 we went as original four season trees, mother nature and father time group costume.

Mother nature wore an old dress and accessorized with craft store garland, flowers, birds etc…Father time borrowed the robe, a clock from his mantle, and bought the faux-sickle. As for the trees, we got 99% of our items at craft and Dollar stores. We cut 2-3ft wide X 8-10ft long strips of brown fabric, folded them in half, and cut a circle for our heads…they simply hung over our shoulders and went down to our feet. We dressed in all brown underneath.

For the “leaves” we purchased garlands in our “season” from the craft store. We wrapped and pinned one turban style on our heads and wrapped and pinned the rest around our arms. That was it! Simple! The more garland the better though.

People seemed to like them and gave us props for creativity. They were good, and cute, in theory…but very easily tangled us up together all night long and a small pain in the butt finding all the pins at the end of the night.