Cool Homemade Mother Nature Costume

This is my Mother Nature costume. It started out as a tree costume for a charity event at a wild life preserve. I have been lucky to get to wear it a few more times for green festivals.

This costume took quite a bit of time to make. It is made of vines, leafs and flowers which were purchased at the craft store. I have woven and sewn the leafs and flowers into mesh netting. I am wearing stilts for extra height (don’t try this at home…I am a professional stilt performer). I topped it off with a leafy hand woven wig and tiara of flowers and butterflies. Each of the flowers have crystal stones in the middle for extra sparkle.

My sewing room looked like a garden after I was through making this! It took forever to clean up but I had a great time making it! Hope you all enjoy this costume!

Homemade Mother Nature Costume

Homemade Mother Nature Costume

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