For my Mother Nature costume, I bought a wig from a costume store and I actually built costume around this… loved this wig!! it’s so fun, didn’t’ know if I should go 70’s or Mother nature, when I found that floral moo moo at Goodwill, it settled it.  If I had more time I was going to make a walking stick that looked like a lighting rod but alas I did not.

I found dress/moo moo at a 2nd hand shop.

I bought green satin fabric  for cape

I went to Michael’s and just walked around and picked up random things to get ideas.  found this round wire thing for a wreath or flower arrangements and I used it  to make a crown. Got a piece of 6 fit vine and just wrapped it around and around. Added fake flowers and some Christmas decorations – like I had these apple and bird ornaments and just decorated the crown wreath with it. also had pickecd up these bird clips, at the time I didn’t know what I was going to use them for but found a use– to hold on cape!

I used some glitter glue I found at Micheal for my face. I just drew a vine and flowers. Tried to use the same stuff to make a vine going around my arm with lady bugs but it just kept peeling off, so it didn’t happen.

Pictures were taken at the end of the day so.costume and makeup’s a little tattered but you get the idea and hey, I won office costume contest!! whoo hoo! I had fun making the costume but I had to rush cause I was doing it at the last minute. I hope someone can get some ideas from it.