As a nature lover, I felt inspired while hiking with the dog through the woods and that’s when I decided to be Mother Nature.  I teach weather and natural disasters, so with a shirt for modesty it was a good costume for school and without the layer it was a flirty night out at our favorite Halloween party. When I came out to the playground in full dress, kids were swarming me laughing and guessing. The party had similar results, lots of compliments and exclamations about the creativity.

The costume also got a lot of attention as I was standing on the corner of a busy intersection holding campaign signs to help pass a mill levy for schools in the district. It resulted in lots of honks and cheers, we did pass that levy! Even if it wasn’t the costume, it still gave people a smile on their ride home.

The process: it took a few hours over several days, but I think the final product was worth the effort. I started with an old brown skirts and a pair of boots that i already owned. Then I proceeded to sew on plastic leafy vines found at Walmart. Next, I needed a top, so I found an oversized green corset at the thrift store and some more fake flowers and baby’s breath. I weaved it all into the corset, giving it a rustic look. After some searching, I found a stuffed squirrel, dog toy, that I added to the top. This was a late edition, but I think it set it off nicely. For the head piece, I reused an old wig I had and weaved some more vines and flowers into it almost like a crown topped off by a beautiful fake blue bird. Lastly, there were the “jewels”, since I was inspired by mother nature i found pine cones on the trails to make a necklace and boot decorations.