I wanted to do a Homemade Mother Nature Costume differently from any I’d seen before. I wanted it to be feminine but not fairy-like. I was very happy with the look of this cool homemade Mother Nature costume; I let my hair flow loose, walked barefoot and felt extremely comfortable in my dress. The basics of this outfit were everyday items and consisted of:

– A simple brown maxi dress bought from a popular discount retailer, with green leaves, autumn leaves, and small flower decorations sewn on. These decorations were all bought from a common craft store.

– A brown headband bought at the drug store with the same green leaves and flower decorations sewn on.

– Handmade jewelry which comprised flower dangle earrings, a necklace, two bracelets and two anklets adorned with various leaf charms. All of these materials, including the chain and leaf clasps, were bought at a common craft store. I used double ring connectors to make the jewelry, so it was as simple as putting keys on a key ring.

– Everyday makeup with appropriate colors. I used brown and green eye shadow, and spread a dusting of gold powder all over. A skilled make-up artist could really have fun with this though, adding more colors, glitter, and drawing vines on the face.

– Nude-colored flip-flops, bought at a common discount retailer, were worn when going out.

The total time spent on shopping, jewelry making and sewing was ten hours.

The total cost for all materials, although not everything mentioned above is necessary, was $75.