Mother Nature-My Mom made my dress from a Fair Maiden pattern. I decorated it w/ artifical flowers,twigs & leaves. I handmade my wreath w/ same flowers etc.
Father Time- I made the cape w/ no pattern, I fitted it to him, trimmed w/ snowflake ribbon. Hair was a wig cut to fit back of a mask to make bald head.Made hourglass w/ plastic bottles and filled w/ salt.
SandMan-Made to fit night shirt,pants and cap
Jack Frost-Made the whole siut from a boys suit pattern,even the shirt, tie was an icicle ornament
Easter Bunny- Made suit to fit no pattern,put wire in ears, foam nose w/broom bristles for whiskers.
Cupid-Made one piece outfit to fit like feety PJ’s w/ zipper up back , painted toes on,cloth diaper over, fairy wings and homemade bow/arrow.
this will have to due , I tried to make it short and sweet so to not to use too many words.