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Coolest Four Seasons Group Costume

This is our Four Seasons Group Costume: I was winter, husband was fall, in-laws were spring and summer.

Winter – white top and skirt I already had, cut-out snowflakes from paper, stickers and any other lightweight Xmas decorations that I could pin onto my clothes. The head piece was a stuffed tree decoration we already had. I used a green towel to fashion a turban of sorts and then tied the tree to it. Took a bit of balance, but the result was worth it.

Spring – green clothes already had, pinned on lots of plastic flowers as well as a few made from paper, made a flower wreath for the head and then wired a few butterflies sticking out from the wreath. She also carried a stuffed bunny in a basket, not seen in pic.

Fall – brown pants, orange shirt, wrapped a leaf garland decoration around him (taken off our front porch), bought a fake Styrofoam pumpkin at Michael’s and cut out the bottom for a hat, added a few leaf stickers and mini pumpkins here and there.

Summer – Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals, zinc on the nose, sand bucket on the head, a bit of fisherman’s net and seashells, sand toys, shovels draped on him. Oh – and under the bucket was a mini-music player… playing… Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, of course!

Most everything we already had around the house – we spent maybe $30 at Michael’s for the net and seashells, some plastic flowers, stickers, snowflakes, pumpkin. Won the best group prize at the party!

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