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Coolest Four Seasons Group DIY Costume

We were the four seasons, and we actually got the idea from this website. Our Homemade Four Seasons Group Costume were very cheap and none of them went over 10.00.

Fall- A hunter green v- neck from Wal Mart, Maroon shorts (already owned), and leaves that came from the fall section at the Dollar tree, and brown leggings (already owned). She just glued the leaves on her leggings, shoes, and made earrings with them. The Pine cones and the big flower were were also from fall section at dollar tree. Halloween eyelashes.

Winter- I just wrapped a white tree skirt around a white dress, spay painted the boots silver, and glued/taped the tinsel and the snow flakes on the tree skirt. Bought a green small plain wreath from Christmas section in the dollar store and sprayed it white.
Grey cardigan( already owned). Eyelashes with silver tips.

Spring- Pink leggings, and a spring dress (anyone who volunteers to be Spring should have one) and some vine flowers from the dollar store. Big flowers in the back came from the Christmas section at Wal Mart. Halloween Eyelashes.

Summer- A yellow visor from Dollar tree, that was cut into the sun. Yellow leggings, and yellow shorts. A big white shirt with the Sun painted on it. And boots (previously owned) with sunflower vine wrapped around them. Halloween Eyelashes.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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