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Coolest Four Seasons Costume

I saw this website and decided to make a costume just for the contest. I did not actually do anything this Halloween (2011). I was going to have my friends help me with the photo but they had other plans. First I decided to make a costume based off the 4 seasons. Then I went to the thrift store and our home attic and collected a bunch of junk to use as part of the Homemade Four Seasons Costume.

Then I found out my friends could not help me with this so I decided to make 4 costumes for myself. So one afternoon I spent about 5 hours changing into the costumes and taking pictures.

For summer I am wearing a baseball hat, sunglasses, shorts, flip flops, shirt, a lei, and floats. I have an American flag in my pocket and I’m holding a beach bucket. For spring I put on a flowery dress I already owned and wore spring-y shoes. I tried to look alive and happy in my picture. I held a basket for Easter which also had grass, a graduation chicken, and flowers inside. I held a stuffed bunny and wore a flower hat.

For fall, I had a pencil on my ear, wore fall-like clothes, and carried books and a pumpkin. I taped leaves from a poster decoration to my shirt. For winter, I wore house shoes, winter pajama pants, a shirt, a vest, and gloves. I wrapped myself up in Christmas lights, wrapped my arms in snow/winter cheap garland, put a fake poinsettia on my ear, and put a bow on my head.

And that is all!

Homemade Four Seasons Costume

Homemade Four Seasons Costume

Homemade Four Seasons Costume

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