This year was the first Halloween that our son has ever experienced.  He is just barely three months old so I wanted to make sure he was cute and comfortable.  My husband is a Captain in the army and we had an event that was a costume party.  I knew it would be around the little guys bedtime so his costume needed to be extra comfy in order for the night to go well.  I investigated infant costumes but they all seemed to be bulky which made me think the baby would be hot and uncomfortable.  Our little one has brought so much light into our lives. He is like our beacon of sunshine and therefore thought it very appropriate to make our son into the sun!  I then thought about how we could tie this theme into our whole costume.  I came up with “Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Rain”.

Our baby loves to be in his baby Bjorn carrier.  I thought if I could make a sun to attach onto the carrier then he would not have to be in anything other than his carrier which he loves.  Here are the steps to make the baby into a sun.

  1. Get a Styrofoam ball and cones from a craft store and cut them in half.  I used a very large kitchen knife, but a hand saw probably would have been easier.
  2. Spray paint the items yellow.
  3. Hot glue the rays onto the ball.  I tried gorilla glue at first.  This did not work well.  I had foaming gorilla glue sticking to everything but the sun.  So I then tried hot glue which worked much better.
  4. Hot glue Velcro onto the back of the sun.
  5. Hot glue the other side of the Velcro to the baby carrier.  Hot glue works great because you can just peal it off later.
  6. In order to tie the baby into the sun I crocheted him a little yellow hat to match the sun.

After the baby’s costume was complete I then moved onto our costumes.  I needed to turn us into partly cloudy and then have a chance of rain appear.

  1. Purchased two grey t-shirts and cotton balls.
  2. I pulled apart the cotton balls and hot glued them together to create the clouds.  It worked best if you pulled the cotton balls out from the center since they are rolled pieces of cotton.  It helped to make the clouds as diverse as possible to make the scene more realistic.
  3. Then I connected the cotton ball clouds to our shirts.  This was a little tricky but with the help of some double sided tape and safety pins they all stuck.
  4. I then drew a bunch of rain drops that I cut out and stuck onto our jeans with double sided tape.  This  process actually took hours.  It was pretty tedious to try to stick each rain drop to our pants.  We needed a lot of them to make it look realistic.
  5. The final touch to our outfits were two spray bottles.   We would make it rain by spraying people.

The night of the event came around.  Our costumes were a HUGE hit!  Our baby was able to wear his yellow pajamas so that he was all ready for bed even though he was in costume.  The sun was easy to remove or stick back on so that my husband could sit down or I could nurse the baby if need be.  We had so much fun spraying people and everyone thought it was a hoot.  The best part was going around saying he’s our “sun”.  It was clever and fun.