My dear daughter desperately wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween. Who better to be her space shuttle than her baby brother?

I made his costume out of cardboard, spray paint, tape, stickers, plastic cups and ribbon. I cut all cardboard to the shape most similarly resembling a real space shuttle. The main portion was a shoe box. The engines were made from plastic cups with ribbon resembling fire. I chose black tape to outline and make windows.

The costume took a little bit of patience and a lot of love. I didn’t go by a tutorial, I just designed as I went. This also meant I made at least two other practice shuttles and encountered plenty of hot glue burns. The top of the shuttle was a party hat that the baby could wear. I attached the shuttle to a baby carrier using ribbon tied behind my back. I also dressed for the occasion wearing cut-out stars and blue leggings. I always felt a little spacey!

Since I attached this costume to an actual baby carrier I shared with an online baby carrier group and received over 2000 “likes”. The baby carrier company Tula, also shared the pic. My favorite picture we took was one where the baby was smiling. Right before the picture was snapped he “filled” his space pants. Talk about an out of this world stink! ;)

Many people have asked how I made it and really, it was trial and error. This was very personal for me and I feel incredibly proud that I was able to pull it off for my children. My daughter, the astronaut runs around the house saying “blast off!”. I know she’s happy to parade around with baby brother shuttle this year. We plan on wearing the costume as many times we can this year!