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Coolest Homemade Space Shuttle Halloween Costume

My son wanted a Homemade Space Shuttle Halloween Costume. Space Shuttle? Don’t you mean an astronaut? –No, he corrected me, THE Space Shuttle. So here is the Enterprise—made with a diaper box and a few other boxes cut to fit, including an oatmeal box cut in half for the engine housing.

Other than that I used lots of white silver and black duct tape, painted plastic cups for the engines, and used old shiny wrapping paper for the flames. The hardest part was finding the right fonts for the logos. Of course he already had the space pajamas. Another day he wore this with an orange jacket that I made look like a space suit with labels and a tinfoil ring around his neck (where one would screw on the bubble helmet, I suppose). Stick in on with suspenders and you’re set to go!

Homemade Space Shuttle Halloween  Costume

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6 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Space Shuttle Halloween Costume”

  1. I copied your idea and my son wore it for early trick-or-treating last night. Everybody loved it. People were taking pictures and giving him extra candies and we couldn’t walk a yard without anyone commenting on how awesome it is. So thank you!

  2. I love this! My son will love it when I show him. I’m afraid that I am not that crafty though. But perhaps will give it a shot. Thanks so much for posting photos.

  3. hello, my son is also requesting to be the actual “rocketship” for halloween and i was wanting to be original and came across your picture. I loved your creativity and that it wasnt the usual kid in a tube with a hole for the face idea. Totally what i was looking for. i was wondering how you fashioned the front end of the rocketship? you said from an oatmeal box? I wasnt sure what shape the oatmeal box was originally before you cut it in half? Or if you could give me some detials on how you made it turn out so well.?

  4. Glad you liked it! The oatmeal box, cut in half, was for the “engine housing” in the back (the curved parts on the top). The end is cups with shiny paper for flame…the front is a funky shape, I just cut a box open and bent to shape and used lots of white duct tape. Lots of black electrical tape too. It was a while back, so I don’t remember details, but just bend until the shape looks right and tape it all solidly together! Good luck!

  5. That is a great costume and easy to make, looks the bees knees. Need to get my daughter also called Petra a costume for school project tomorrow been pulling my hair out. You are a life saver. am eternally grateful


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