My son loves space but do to budget constraints (we are moving) I had no money to buy a costume, then I remember the rocket outfit Gru wears as a child in Despicable Me and I started wondering how hard that would be to make. I looked and looked and couldn’t find that image so I looked up homemade rocket costumes and found this site. I didn’t like the rocket costumes on here too much but found a really cute space shuttle costume that this is based on. I made this cheap and simple Rocket costume the night before Halloween. It took a couple of hours but came out really nice.

We used a small box but I had no spray adhesive or fabric  but I did have lots of packaging tape ( we are moving) and construction paper. We cut off the flaps on the bottom of the box and the short flaps off the top .We saved them to use as the booster part of the rocket .We used part of another box for the fins and nose of the rocket ( the nose is made using square triangles).

We cut a circle in the long top flaps we left on and taped them together. The body we just took white paper and applied it piece by piece till the outside body was covered. The rocket boosters we took the small flaps and rounded them ( this is done by bending them a little at a time until a circle is formed). We then used tape to hold it together and cut little slits that we bent out ( for the flared effect), then we wrapped them in black construction paper ( using more tape), cut slits in the paper to match the slits in the cardboard and folded that into the booster and attached it ( using more tape). We did that for all 3 boosters which we then attached to the rocket using tape. ( this was the most time consuming part).

We took 3 sheets ( red,orange and yellow)  and cut them into strips that we put on tape and ( making sure there was plenty of tape left to stick) attached them to the inside of the boosters. The fins we covered in tinfoil and attached with tape. The nose is covered in black construction paper and attached with tape, the flames we printed out a picture of drawn flames we liked cut it out and traced in onto a stack ( 3 one red one yellow one orange) of construction paper ( it’s easier if you put a little tape on the corners so the papers don’t shift as you cut). We cut them out and applied them to the sides and nose using, you guessed it, tape. I used ribbon for the straps we used staples but tape could work if its tough enough. We had a string of battery powered lights that I attached as well for fun using tape.

I hope this inspires you to try making your own costume at least once. There are so many things that you can do that’s a box.